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A helping hand

Kate Adams is regularly contracted by my company to provide design and layout services for the compilation of a range of resources and training manuals. Her work is of an extremely high standard and service delivery impeccable. She is timely in her deadlines and highly skilled in her profession.

My clients range from private sector, Government agencies, NGO’s and corporates, all of whom require a high standard of presentation in all of my publications. To this accord I have always been able to rely on Kate’s diligence to meet deadlines in a timely fashion with a high standard of work.

She is dedicated and easy to work with. Kate is solution orientated and able to translate concepts into tangible outputs when styles and branding are critical to the overall piece of work.

I highly recommend her to your organisation as I see her as a huge asset.

Naku noa

Alannah Marriott

Director, Switch Trainers and Consultants

Driftwood Design - professional graphic design
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