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A helping hand

Strong lateral meridian indicates an uncanny ability to convert a basic brief into an outstanding design.

Hardy and calloused heel of hand - a dead giveaway as to the long, hard experience designing at the mouse-mat.

Clean little finger; no idle nose picking from this gal. Like other digits, it is quick and nimble at keyboard shortcuts.

Ever-present and reliable timepiece demonstrates a clear awareness of deadlines and a definite intention to fulfil them.

Long, slender index finger, trained and toned for perfect control - the fastest mouse-clicking finger in the West.

Well-developed thumb denotes a thumbs-up, can-do approach to any job thrown her way.

Small scrapes after a recent tumble on a mountain bike. This character's anything other than dull - dedicated hours designing are balanced with serious fun out on the hills and on the beach, gathering design inspiration from her surroundings.

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