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A helping hand


Kate Adams worked with us on the Maori Land Use National Resource Kit – Te Kete Maatauranga Whenua, for the Maori Land Development Trust.

We produced a regional version of this publication first, and then went on to create the national edition. Katerina was involved in the total production and design of both versions, which involved commissioning illustrations, sourcing and taking photographs, compiling and laying out content that came from many different sources, and designing the whole look of the publication.

Kate’s methodology and approach to the whole project, which took place over many months, was systematic and meticulous throughout. Her attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of what we were trying to achieve is evident in the finished resource. Making the MLUNRK easily understandable by all was one of our primary aims, and this was certainly accomplished through Katerina’s efforts. The compilation of information and the accurate representation of the content, especially in the diagrams and charts, was superb.

Kate also designed the logo for our company, which suitably reflects the wide range of consultancy services we offer to support Māori development.

I would like to vouch for Kate’s planning processes and approach to client service and would advocate her to your organisation for any design work of this nature.

Richard Jefferies
Director, KCSM Consultancy Ltd.

Kate Adams
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