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A helping hand


…A self-imposed part of her role has always been to create team spirit in the office, and one of the many prongs of her job description is to ‘keep the editorial guys happy’. She has succeeded and her positive influence has extended as far as admin and advertising. Except when deadlines are dangerously near – when Kate turns into a super-efficient copy-making machine with no time to spare for levity – she is the very embodiment of niceness.

Apart from fantastic design, layout and illustration work – not to mention generosity of spirit - she has one other peculiar accomplishment that deserves to be highlighted. Kate has the best handwriting of anyone we know!

…Kate has carried the banner of all the magazine stands for while other staff have come and gone…

David Mery, Will Watts

Editor & Sub, EXE Magazine

Kate Adams
D  E  S  I  G  N
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