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A helping hand


I can thoroughly recommend Kate for her print design work. Her work is professional and she clearly has a great depth of knowledge and experience. I have found her exceptionally easy to work with. Her communication skills are excellent. Kate was given only a short amount of time to complete the design work and did this by working very long hours, keeping me informed of progress. At the same time she offered sage advice on a number of issues.

The author of the book worked on was in praise of Kate’s capacity to establish a relationship and her ability to work extremely hard to finish the design work in a very short space of time.

Kate was also in direct contact with the printer and once again established a positive relationship that allowed the job to progress with all haste. The printer was fulsome in his praise of Kate for her depth of knowledge and high level of professionalism. She met the printer’s requirements in every respect, without any problems.

Both the author I were delighted with the end result.

I can recommend Kate to anyone or organisation that is looking for print design. My best recommendation is that I will be using her again for my company’s work.

Ian Meredith

Publisher, Aries Publishing Ltd

Kate Adams
D  E  S  I  G  N
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