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New Zealand Defensive Driving Course

The New Zealand Defensive Driving Course can teach you how to steer clear of danger. It’s the smart way to move from a restricted to a full licence sooner.

The new Defensive Driving Course consists of eight hours of theory work divided into four sessions Plus a one hour in car session. You will work through a series of modules learning concepts that will assist you to drive safely and ultimately help save lives, time and money. You will have time between sessions to complete activities and an opportunity to reflect on the course material. This course also has a practical (in car) component consisting of a one hour drive with Marylou a qualified driving instructor  which must be completed within 60 days after the theory work,  before you receive your DEFENSIVE DRIVING CERTIFICATE.

This course has been approved by Land Transport New Zealand. 


Learner licence holders

Doing the course while you have your learner licence will help you pass your restricted licence test. It includes a one hour in-car session which develops your driving skills. People who have attended a defensive driving course are more likely to pass their restricted test on their first try. You’ll be able to attend a defensive driving course once you’ve had your learner licence and some driving experience.

If you complete a DDC while on your learner or restricted licence, it will mean you reduce the time you're required to spend on your restricted licence by 6 months.

Restricted licence holders

People who have attended a defensive driving course are 10% more likely to pass their full licence test on the first try. It also reduces the time you’ll spend on your restricted licence by 6 months. If you're over 25, the time on your restricted licence is reduced from 6 months to 3 months.


Full licence holders

Even full licence holders benefit from completing the AA Defensive Driving Course. If you're a police recruit, a court referral, completing a Police Diversion programme or want to refresh your driving knowledge and skill base, you’ve come to the right place. The AA Defensive Driving Course is designed specifically for you.

What it includes

4 classroom sessions

We use a state of the art online learning system that shows real-life driving situations filmed on New Zealand roads during the theory sessions. The course has informative DVDs and discusses various scenarios, observations and hazards to improve understanding


1 in-car session

This helps identify any bad habits you may have picked up and provides you with the skills and abilities to address them before you take your practical driving test.  The instructor will take you through a practice full licence test and give you advice on how to pass comfortably.

If you finish all the coursework and the practical drive within 60 days after the last classroom session, you’ll get your certificate at the end.

Online learning


When you attend a Defensive Driving Course you get full access to this state of the art programme that you can use from your home computer.

It focuses on driving skills, such as visual search and situation awareness that are directly linked to crash risk. eDrive shows real-life driving situations filmed on NZ roads with you right in the driver’s seat.

These courses are run monthly so if you are interested please email me and I can send you the details.

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